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XL LIVE installs 101 solar panels to offset carbon emissions.

XL LIVE has gone green, with a portion of its operations being entirely solar powered! Owner Phil Dobson just completed the installation of 101 solar panels over its team’s executive offices; these panels will power the staff office and a portion of XL Live with its solar energy. The panels will produce 54,077 kWh of electricity, offsetting 42.1 tons of carbon dioxide annually, saving 1,000 trees and 89 barrels of oil.

XL Live applied for a building permit with the city of Harrisburg in early July, the city turned around the application quickly, and Paradise Energy Solutions from Lancaster, PA got to work in August installing the solar panels; they are now operational.

“There is no denying global warming, and we want to do our part by offsetting our carbon emissions. We consider this investment a social responsibility. ” says owner Phil Dobson.

As a renewable source of power, solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps mitigate climate change.

How do they work? The solar panels convert sunlight into direct current or DC electricity. Then an installed inverter inverts the DC electricity into AC electricity. The AC electricity flows into the building and a meter tracks how much energy is being made and used, the excess energy from the office building then powers a portion of XL Live.

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